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This Stamp is one of the 2,000 unique pieces comprised in the Starbucks Siren Collection and can only be purchased by Starbucks Odyssey members. Each member may purchase up to two Stamps from this collection. Your unique designs will reveal by 12:00pm PST on March 10th.

If you are not already a Starbucks Odyssey member, be sure to join the waitlist now. Available while supplies last. This offer may be withdrawn, amended, or canceled at any time.

This Stamp comes with 1,500 bonus points that can be used to level up in your Starbucks Odyssey experience in 2023. These bonus points expire December 31st, 2023. Points have promotional value in the Starbucks Odyssey Program only. Sale or transfer of this Stamp will result in deduction of these bonus points from your Starbucks Odyssey annual point total.

See Starbucks Odyssey Terms & Conditions for details.

If you are having trouble logging into Nifty Gateway, please attempt to access the collection by signing into the Starbucks Odyssey experience and going to the Market tab.


Mar 01, 2023



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